Thrill-seekers, adventure junkies, and fitness fanatics…

…this one is for you! It’s time to lace up those hiking boots and start the trek to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain – Mount Kilimanjaro.

Your experience begins with us assisting in identifying the most favourable route for you. This will satisfy your personal desires as well as contribute towards your eventual summit success. For your packing checklist don’t forget the comfortable pants, shirts, underwear, fleece jacket, hiking shoes with ankle support, a headlamp, long johns, waterproof pants and jacket and a hat. You will need a sleeping bag, tent, walking sticks and gaiters although these can all be hired from the base camp.

On your climb, you will be in safe hands. With highly trained and registered guides making part of a skilled support team, you will be looked after the whole way to the top. Short of actually carrying you up the mountain, your crew will do everything in their power to make your entire experience as comfortable as possible. Your safety is of utmost importance. There are two to three porters for every climber with one guide for every four climbers, this ensures you are in good hands and also allows the crew to spoil you: not only do they carry your bag, but at the end of the day’s walk you’ll turn up at camp to find your tent has already been assembled, with a bowl of hot water lying nearby for you to wash away the grime of the day.

As you begin your trek up the mountain an overwhelming feeling consumes you with hundreds of questions racing through your mind – ignore them! The days are spent walking through breathtaking landscapes which change every day as you pass through the different vegetation zones. As night falls, dinner is served by your crew and as the stars come out, all you can do is gaze into the nights’ sky before turning yourself in for the night.

You’re awakened by the charm of the mountain scenery, the clear, crisp atmosphere, and your position above the clouds is something to be savoured. As you continue your climb, make sure you take a moment to look around. Take a pause and look back to reflect on how far you’ve come. Mount Kilimanjaro offers picturesque surroundings, camaraderie with people around you, changing landscapes and the satisfaction of overcoming challenges. Take a moment to enjoy these life-changing moments.

The day has come! The one you have been waiting for. It’s Summit Day and today you’ll be in bed at around lunchtime before you’re woken at midnight to push out the final leg of the climb. As day breaks and you reach Gilman’s Point, the extreme altitude hits in, expect headaches and dizziness. Your crew will be around to help with anything you do need as your body try’s to adjust to the altitude and to continue the additional 300m to the top.

Hours pass, heads throb and legs aching, you make it to the summit! Standing at Uhuru Peak at 19,340 feet you feel invincible and just want to scream “I’m the King of the World”. After enjoying 15 minutes at Uhuru Peak, photo’s taken and memories captured, you will begin your descent. As your sense of accomplishment runs high, you realize this will be a day you will never forget!

This experience is for the adventurer at heart. Cue marker checking off Mount Kilimanjaro from the bucket list.




Price from

3,000USD per person


All year round


6 nights

What to expect

A life-changing experience as you climb the tallest mountain in Africa


Tents, meals, non-alcoholic beverages, porters, guide

Minimum number of participants

1 person

mission impossible?

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  • A big thank you...

    “Hello Rory, This is just to say a big Thank you for organizing our trip in South Africa. We had an amazing time in Cape Town: the hotel location was great, the 2 Trips with Gavin were really really nice (what a nice guy !), and finally, the airport connections were nice and smooth. We also had a blast in Jo'burg at the Clico, which was a great haven to rest after our Safari, but also had a really exquisite restaurant and very friendly staff.”

    Stefano Pennese
  • We will definitely be back..

    “Honestly would recommend Unearth Experience to anyone, and we have already had quite a few people asking about who organised our trip and passed on your details! We will definitely be back to Africa.”

    Kelly Moreton
  • Spectacular trip...

    “What a spectacular trip Rory created for us! He gave such attention to detail; organized several amazing surprises, which really made the trip even more spectacular. There was definitely no shortage of pinch yourself moments on this holiday! From the moment we flew out of Sydney until we arrived back home, Rory was in regular contact with the group to ensure that everything was running smoothly and that we were enjoying our trip. He was able to plan a holiday which caught all the highlights of Africa in a limited amount of time, and gave us the perfect amount of time in each place. We could not recommend Unearth Experience more highly to organise your holiday. Thank you Rory for a once in a lifetime experience!”

    Ally & Wiehahn van Schalkwyk
  • Never been so spoilt...

    “I have been to South Africa many times over the last 20 years but it was the first visit for my wife Jenny. Jenny absolutely loved the experience she ‘had never been so spoilt’!! I must say for myself that it was probably the most memorable experience. Two weeks is hardly long enough to do South Africa justice but the itinerary you put together was just right for a first visit. All the transport arrangements worked perfectly…The hotels were first class… Londolozi was wonderful - we had an excellent guide and were lucky to have some amazing sightings – I have been on many safaris in the past and this will go down as one of the best!”

    Mike Arnold
  • A million thank you's...

    “In the past two weeks, I've learned that you can't truly even begin to understand life when you're only focused on the human aspect of the world. A week spent in the bush connected me to nature in a way I never imagined. It forced me to understand an ecosystem far detached from my comfort zone, and the social constructs of different species that are so similar, yet so different from the human condition. Tracking wild animals on a safari is so much more than a physical pursuit. To track, you need to be present, take clues from your surroundings and venture off into the unknown. If you lose the track, you return to where it started and begin again. It's a conscious effort to utilize skill, patience and intuition to guide you into a world of unbelievable discovery. I leave Londolozi with a heavy heart but a rejuvenated understanding of how to better live. Thank you to my dear tracker Life who found all the beautiful animals for us with his superpower of sight and hearing; my fearless guide Fitz who explained everything in so much detail with vast intelligence, ease and insight; my wingman Bruce who was there when I needed a shoulder and a drinking game ally; and of course my beloved partner in crime, who brought so much love, laughter and light into this journey. Unearth Experience, a million thank you's for curating my trip to this beautiful country and ensuring I was only with the best. Quite literally, this has been a life-changing experience for me.”

    Halla Rafati

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