Get ready for an out of Africa experience. From the vast open savannahs rich in wildlife to the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, Kenya is a country of great diversity.

To the east lies the coastline of the Indian Ocean where it’s met by the Great Rift Valley, whilst Lake Victoria junctures Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to the west.

A destination where you’ll experience the world’s greatest natural spectacle, The Great Migration, as the enormous herds of wildebeest and zebra migrate from the Serengeti into the Maasai Mara. You’ll witness the spectacularly pink in colour, Lesser Flamingoes migrate to the alkaline lakes in the East African Rift Valley, heading to the shallow waters of Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria. You’ll enjoy the white powdered beaches of Mombasa on the Kenyan Coast, and you’ll learn about the incredible culture of the Maasai people by following in their footsteps while you journey through Kenya.

For a unique experience with great variety, Kenya is a destination for any discerning traveller.

Photographic Safari

Capturing your moments

You can’t miss this experience – it’s made for you and your lens. Picture a 5am wake up call, a cup of coffee, and a vehicle outfitted specifically for your camera equipment. You hop on with your party and pull out into the African sunrise. When it begins, you can’t shoot fast enough.

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Walking Safari

It’s time to strap up your boots for a day in the African bush

It’s time to strap up your boots for a day in the African bush where you and your professionally trained guide will track wild animals and witness their routines first-hand. Completely safe, guides explore areas so that guests come mere meters from the African wild.

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Private Photographic Guide

It’s not a dream, this can be a reality

Picture sitting at home with a hot cup of coffee, turning the pages of the most current National Geographic magazine and seeing your photograph from your recent African vacation staring right at you from the glossy page.

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Gorillas and the vast landscapes of the Serengeti & Masai Mara

Follow in the footsteps of David Attenborough

It’s time to get your hiking boots ready, your spotting eyes on and your camera charged for this experience. 

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Glide through the African sky like a bird

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a microlight… Glide through the African sky’s whilst experiencing the wind rushing past your face as you relish the 360 degree panoramic views in this open lightweight aircraft.

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Hot Air Balloon

Watch the world go by beneath you

Early mornings are on the cards for this experience. Softened by freshly brewed coffee and homemade rusks brought to your door. Head out in the pitch black and as the sun crests the horizon, you are met with a blast of colour and the landscape suddenly starts taking shape, whether it’s the beautiful plains of the Serengeti, the river banks of the Masai Mara, or the vast sandy outlay of the Namibian desert dunes, you are surely in for a magical experience.

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Horseback Safaris

Front row seats that won't dissapoint

Today is the day that you get to take the best seat in the house! You will be experiencing a front row seat during the most spectacular show on earth… And you’ll be experiencing it on horseback. The horse riding trails in Africa are as diverse as the terrain, whether you choose a Big 5 safari, beach rides or plains game safari you won’t be disappointed.

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The Great Migration

For the most exhilarating event in nature

Possibly the most exhilarating event in nature and now classified as a “Seven New Wonders of the World”, is the annual Wildebeest and Zebra Migration of East Africa. As the seasons change, thousands upon thousands of wild animals cross the Serengeti plains of East Africa towards the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in search of food and water. With no exact start or finish, the specific timing and route all depend on the rains each year.

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Big Cat Safaris

For the thrill seekers

Nothing is more profound than witnessing human nature take its natural predatory course. Can you picture a pride of lioness’ singling out a small buffalo on the fringe of it’s heard? Or catching a cheetah sprint across a field to narrow the life of a zebra? Or witnessing a leopard hoisting an impala up a tree? What happens after that is far greater than anything your imagination can conjure.

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Sky Diving

When keeping your feet on the ground is not enough

If adrenalin runs in your blood, this one’s for you! As you find yourself sitting on the edge of the plane, feet out the door dangling over the Namibian Desert or the coast of South Africa, Mauritius or Mozambique, you will quickly take a moment to realize what you’re actually about to do… Eject yourself from a plane!

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