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Walking with Elephants

Learn about the elephant kingdom, as well as the conservation efforts in place to rehabilitate their over poached kind, while you take in the natural landscape along this memory-making adventure. Trust us, you’ll want this tour in your satchel.

Sand Dunes of Namibia

Where the sunburned sands set the scene, the sand dunes turn into mountains and the landscape makes you feel like you’re acting in a sci-fi movie on the way to Mars. There are few places on earth where the isolated desert is as beautiful as that of the Namib Desert.

Walking Safari

It’s time to strap up your boots for a day in the African bush where you and your professionally trained guide will track wild animals and witness their routines first-hand. Completely safe, guides explore areas so that guests come mere meters from the African wild.

Private Photographic Guide

Picture sitting at home with a hot cup of coffee, turning the pages of the most current National Geographic magazine and seeing your photograph from your recent African vacation staring right at you from the glossy page.

Gorillas and the vast landscapes of the Serengeti & Masai Mara

It’s time to get your hiking boots ready, your spotting eyes on and your camera charged for this experience. 


You’ve been blown away and swept off your feet by the love of your life… What comes next will leave you breathless. Your honeymoon in Africa awaits!